Everyone’s favorite topic – performance evaluations!

It is often asked who dislikes evaluations more, the employees receiving them or the managers that have to give them? Well, in some cases, it doesn’t matter because the entire process is flawed from beginning to end. This is especially true when the government gets involved!

This is one of those times where my day job and my interest in politics come together. As has happened in many states, the legislature here in Michigan, in all their wisdom, has come forth and mandated an evaluation system for the teachers in our state. Like many other states, the focus is less on creating a road map for improvement (which is what I like to see in an employee evaluation) and more on ensuring that someone is held accountable for the success and/or failure of those being taught. There are so many things wrong with the process as mandated that its legitimacy is easy to question.

I feel very fortunate to work in a District that takes this responsibility seriously and currently has a process that has some forward looking elements so that our professionals in the classroom can continue to grow and improve their craft.  We have excellent teachers who (mostly) want to improve and build upon their knowledge and skills. I fear as the momentum toward growth measures becomes a reality, that real conversations that take place around improvement will yield to chats about testing and preparing students for the high stakes tests that now can not only determine a student’s potential path, but their teacher’s path forward as well.

For those complaining about an appraisal you received at work, remember it can be worse; the government could have designed it!

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One Response to Everyone’s favorite topic – performance evaluations!

  1. Gerald Risch says:

    Nicely written Zbrad. Well Done!