I’m fortunate enough that my family tends to like adventure.  Given the Roller Coaster theme of this blog, you can guess that I am not one to shy away from things that are new and exciting.  Well, the entire Galin family is about to embark on a brand new adventure!

My wife Susanne is truly my better half and I am fortunate that she not kicked me to the curb during our 15+ years of marriage.  Instead, she has found a great opportunity in her chosen field and we have decided to grab it.  We have discovered through the process of working with headhunters executive recruiters that her skill set and expertise is highly desired and certainly much more special than some HR mumbo jumbo that I could develop over time.  So, after 10 wonderful years living in Bloomington and enjoying all it has to offer, we are moving north to pursue her opportunity in Michigan.

As we start out on the road to Kalamazoo, there are going to be bumps along the way.  Those bumps are expected and certainly provide the chance to embrace what is important and to grow as new challenges await.  I am confident that my own future is wide open with possibilities.  I have exactly one week to go in my MBA program and cannot wait to put my skills to work in a new environment and engage in unforeseen challenges.  Although finding an organization to associate with on a full-time basis would be grand, I am equally intrigued at the possibility to start executive coaching on a regular basis and could certainly do that throughout the Midwest. Any referrals would certainly be welcomed!!

Feeling abundant, seeking to empower others, and demonstrating to my children what being good is about provides me with purpose and passion.  These resonate well with my core beliefs:

  • Look for the best in everybody
  • Take calculated risks
  • Dream Big
  • Make time for what matters
  • Have fun

Although there will be many things to be missed about being in Bloomington, the memories I take, visits that will be made, and lifelong friends to be cherished are always an important part of what’s next!


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6 Responses to Next!

  1. Beckie Porter says:

    WOW! Big jump! Congrats on the new adventure – Btown will surely miss someone who has been an asset to the eclectic community that it is!
    Always remember – Go Big Red!

  2. dude, michigan just got cooler… can i help in any way?


  3. Congrats Brad Indiana’s loss is Michigan’s gain. We will follow to see where you land!

  4. Chris Martin says:

    Brad – Awesome Exciting News!!! Best of Luck!


  5. Kyle Wickemeyer-Hardy says:

    Brad –
    I knew you were itching to change things up again – you are just not the type to not gaze beyond. Yes, we are going to sorely miss you – and yet we have a new friend in Michigan!

    What a great way to support your wife, provide GREAT lessons to your kids – and keep your creativity fresh. I wish you great luck and great experinces!

  6. Daniel Grundmann says:

    Congratulations on the new chapter, Brad!

    I suggest you check out some Frontier League baseball this summer.