Ohio SHRM here we come!

As part of improving our own conference, several members of the HR Indiana conference team are taking journeys to several other state HR conferences. This week, it’s my turn as I return to my personal and professional roots in Ohio. I am excited about the lineup of speakers I get to hear, the friends I can see again, and the new connections I will make. Since Ohio SHRM is expecting a record crowd, I am sure to also learn some new things that can be applied to HR Indiana in the years ahead! I know Kellie Miller (@km_runner) returned from Illinois last month with several ideas that we are seeking to incorporate.

My thanks to both Indiana State Council Director Betty Lonis (@bettylonis) and her Ohio counterpart Andrea Gurcsik (@OhioSHRM) for ensuring this could happen. Look for a post or two during the conference highlighting some of the rockin’ things going on this week in Sandusky.

And yes, for those wondering, I am managing to get in 6 hours of time at Cedar Point on Friday night. The coaster count will get to increase!

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