A Good Week!

There are certain weeks you know are going to be good ones when you wake up on Monday morning. I am fortunate that this is one of those weeks for me. Why do I know this?

1. It is the week my summer vacation starts
2. I have the opportunity to go to a 1-day conference that I am neither organizing nor presenting
3. The Olympics open this Friday night
4. My son volunteered to mow the lawn weeds last evening
5. The last week of my Corporate Finance class is here and I am already ½ done with my final case analysis
6. With this class done, I am down to my final two classes until the MBA is complete
7. My to-do list is suitably short so that things can be wrapped before embarking on vacation (see #1 above!)

I hope all of you can have a good week as well.

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One Response to A Good Week!

  1. Awesome congrats…I am looking forward to the Olympics too.