Bad to Good

We all have them -> Bad days, which then lead to bad weeks.

Last week was one such week for me. Between issues erupting at work that greatly tested my patience and an event involving my son, a car, and his trumpet, I was quite pleased when I left my office Friday afternoon without looking back.

Car vs. Trumpet – Part of the bad week last week.

Being reflective by nature, I spent some downtime this weekend reflecting on the events of the week to try and learn and prepare for the challenges that certainly lie ahead in the days, weeks, and months to come. The trick is to ensure that the occasional bad day (or even week) does not devolve into a constant cycle of negative events that reduce one’s passion for doing good. Thankfully, that’s where patience and building on the wisdom of others can come into play.

In the aftermath of last week, I am drawing lessons from my own reactions, which were kept well in check on the surface, so that I can channel the negative energy I was feeling into action that can create conditions for success in the organization. Using tools and ideas from a couple of my recent lunchtime reads (Kill the Company and Joy) I intend to ensure that solutions are created so that the underlying feelings that were exposed last week can be brought forth and dealt with in a constructive manner. Although one choice is certain to ignore and hope for change, that does not create conditions for growth for either myself, or for the others involved. In some ways, these challenges must be embraced and conquered so that any future bad days we are apt to experience aren’t caused by the same things as the ones last week.

What are you going to do today to shift something bad into something good?





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