Discussions and Debates in 2018!

As 2018 begins, opportunities abound for rich discussions and debates. One thing that amazes me is the number of smart people I know and the diversity of opinions that this group can have on topics ranging from the very serious to the more mundane.

My blogging goal for 2018 is to foster good debate and discussion on topics. Each week, a post putting out a question will go up. In the days that follow, I will invite people to chime in and provide their perspective(s) on the topic so that the next week’s post can include value taken from across the spectrum. The resolution post will include my own perspective on the topic and the next week’s question.

So, 1st up for 2018. January is often a month of organization and clean out. What are your feelings on a messy desk versus a clean one? Reply using either the comment box below or to me via e-mail Brad-at-rollercoasterhr.com

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One Response to Discussions and Debates in 2018!

  1. Steve Browne says:

    I have a very cluttered desk. Every time I “organize” it, the next pile starts. I know that I run contrary to what people recommend, but I like the messiness. It matches the scattered thoughts and approach I have to HR and life !!