Embracing the options brought by the snow and cold!

As I work from home on the frigid January day, I cannot help but marvel at the changes that technology has allowed us to have, for those of us willing to embrace it.  One of the ways that we in HR can be more strategic and integrated into the business function is to embrace the options that are now possible.

I know people in 2014 who feel that if someone isn’t at their desk in the office then they can’t be working.  The reality for many is that work can happen anywhere if everyone involved is willing to embrace the possibility and trust people to do the right thing.  Since I have power, a computer and an Internet connection, I am able to be just as productive (perhaps even more so without the interruptions!) as I would be sitting in my office today.

While there are certainly jobs and tasks that require people to be present, it makes sense for so many businesses and functions within businesses to embrace the possibilities that working from someplace other than the office provides.  Snowed in? Not a problem for me as the work continues!

My to-do list for the day is done without having to rely on a snowplow to clear the foot-plus of snow from my street.  That’s a good thing too, because so far today, I haven’t had one come by!

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