Improvement begins at home !!

This post is part of the January HR Carnival being hosted by Steve Browne. The prompt we were given – “I’d improve HR by…”

So, here’s my answer to the challenge

Improvement begins at home !!

You’re asking the following questions…

What does improving HR have to do with being home?

I don’t do HR at home and you can’t make me, can you?!?

Does this involve any resolutions I may or may not have made?

For the carnival, before thinking about work and its improvement there, step back and think about your life outside of work.

Now, before anything else, realize that everyone has areas that require attention outside of work. Children need (or want) things from parents; parents have demands for children, and significant others have their requirements.  We all have distractions (often called life!) that need our attention.

And let’s be honest, not all of these are being fulfilled and knowing this takes something away from our efforts to be the best HR pro we can be.

So, my carnival challenge to you is to take a step forward in something away from work. Where does one start? It’s easy – what is the first thing that pops into your mind that distracts you when you are in your office or with an employee?  Pick that and do something to meet that need, want, or demand.

For me, it has to be settling upon a Spring Break destination. After that, I can worry about the ever present to do list that waits for me at work. HR improvement begins at home!

Spring Break needs to look less like this!


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