10 Percent

In my world, so far, 2019 hasn’t been a year worth savoring or celebrating. The combination of crappy winter weather (otherwise known as living in SW Michigan!), the sudden death of a valued colleague because of the winter weather, and the cancer diagnosis of another colleague, this year has not brought much in the realm of good news or positive events. Even something as mundane as a sweater order went awry as it was sent to me with the security tag still attached. Their best fix, since they no longer had the sweater in stock, take it to one of their stores to have it removed. Nevermind that the closest store is over an hour away! Of course, I fully anticipate getting sideways glances and a question about how I got it (i.e., did I steal it?!?)

Add to that the typical frustrations that come with labor unions, teenagers, and the current state of our government to create a storm of malcontent that can make even the most positive among us cranky.

Despite this, there is good news here. Today, February 6th, means that only 10 percent of the year is done. There is plenty of time to recover and make 2019 a successful year and one where good things are going to occur.

While 10 percent is gone, that remaining 90 percent is still ripe with potential and good things to come.  For example, I know a visit to Europe is in the 90 percent as is better weather here in Michigan.

My advice, which I offer just as much for me as I do for those reading this post. Don’t let the 1st 10 percent of something ruin the rest. Move forward, be positive, and realize that the sunshine exists even when foreboding dark clouds obscure it.

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2 Responses to 10 Percent

  1. Darryl Curson says:

    Your blog today, brought out my philosophical side. The cycle of life times a billion years is what we are experiencing today. I have had lots of “time” to reflect on things since retiring in 2014, and even now am still amazed at how little understanding I have of what makes the universe work. I know that unions are needed to keep management from becoming too arrogant and self-serving. I know that accumulation of wealth is “the” motivator of nearly everything that takes place in this era. But, I also know that our time in the universe is only a minuscule point in the cycle of life with the billions of years left to us and that your optimism is the best thing that we have to carry us forward. Have fun during your European vacation this year. It has meaning. It has it’s place in the universe.

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