As the end of 2011 approaches, a feeling of peace is the primary one being felt when I take a moment to reflect. Although 2011 has had its share of difficulty for many, I consider myself very fortunate as I reflect on the year that has been. I continue to be graced with a loving family that has good health and many opportunities to laugh. A stable year in my life at work is an improvement over the turmoil of the past few years and being able to continue my pursuit of my MBA has brought additional knowledge and richness to my daily life. I consider my work with Indiana SHRM and our outstanding conference a highlight and this involvement has also allowed me to expand my own connectedness to the larger HR/Social Media world through attendance at events like HR Evolution in Atlanta and the Ohio SHRM conference in Sandusky.

When 2012 begins, I hope that each of you is able to reflect and find some peace in life. It is certainly a welcome feeling. The anticipation of great things ahead in 2012 for me is also part of the inner peace. Even though I know not what events will happen, I am confident that many of them will be good and fulfilling and that new dreams and experiences will take place. Thank you to the many who have enriched my life this past year by allowing me to be a part of yours. See you in the new year!

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