Pursuing the White Whale

“Moby Dick seeks thee not. It is thou, thou, that madly seekest him!”. 
Moby-DickCh. 135

Here in the beginning of 2012, many people have set forth their personal resolutions for the New Year.  Others don’t make resolutions, but set goals for the upcoming year.  Whether they be called resolutions, goals, or objectives they are roughly the same. We set forth on accomplishing something that we feel we should do.  Although often well intentioned, how often do we set forth a goal that truly does not advance us in some aspect of life.  Why must we pursue what we’ve chosen to pursue?  Is there a good reason that we are looking at such an objective?  Is it truly for us, or is there an ulterior motive at work? 

It is human nature to better ourselves only in the image that we already see ourselves in, or our ideal self.  So many times, this means that we avoid setting goals (or making resolutions!) that truly impact our real self and can make a meaningful and immediate difference. Instead of defining the goals needed for our real self, we go ahead and define goals for the ideal self that we believe we are.  Stepping back and ensuring that we have a sense of oneness with who we really are should be the first step of any goal setting process.  Although we strive for the ideal, achieving it requires getting a real sense of self and who we really are.  Yes, I believe that there should be self- improvement and even stretch goals.  By setting these in a manner that matches our real self, we increase the chance for success.  It’s the difference between going deep sea fishing wanting to catch a shark and setting ourselves up for doom like Captain Ahab in the pursuit of our white whale.  Knowing our real self versus our ideal self can help us ensure that we have the right things on target and provide us with realistic expectations that can be built upon as we strive for the ideal self we have pictured in our minds.


Go ahead and look that whale in the eye

Are you willing to look your white whale in the eye and set forth on a path to bring your goals and objectives to life in 2012 and beyond? 

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