Support and Resilience

I got to see something amazing this past weekend.  On Saturday afternoon under a very hot sun in Indianapolis, my 12 year old son, Jack, scored his first goal in lacrosse.  This goal came during the final game of the year and it happened because his teammates wanted it to. 


#6 is one to watch

Jack is the youngest and smallest player on the team.  He has enjoyed the sport immensely and no matter the circumstances, goes to practices and games and does what is asked.  Although there are times when I sense some hesitation going into the fray with boys who may have a foot in height and dozens of pounds on him, the skill development over the season has been great and his confidence has grown along with his skill.

Over the past 3 weeks (out of the 12 week season) Jack has shifted positions to play attack.  This position is set nearest the opposing goal and often represents the leading scorers on a lacrosse team.  Despite several shot attempts in each of the last few games, none had gotten by the goalie (except for two that hit the post and bounced out!)  As the last game was upon the team, the three captains (all 8th graders on this middle school team) decided that Jack needed a goal and they were determined to help get him one.  They kept feeding him the ball and even passed up shots that they could have made so that Jack would have the opportunity to put one in the net.  Finally, in the 3rd quarter, a shot found its mark and went in.  The celebration on the field was only rivaled by the celebration of Jack’s mother (my extraordinary wife) on the sideline!  This one goal has really inspired Jack to continue his work in the sport.  Jack is set to attend a lacrosse camp this summer and commented to me that he is determined to become a great attacker so that his team can win all the time. 

Although the goal itself was nice, having the support of a team surrounding one of their own who has been resilient is a good lesson for those of us who lead teams.  What are we doing to help inspire people to do their best and achieve their goals?  The power of intrinsic motivation is much stronger than any external motivating factor we can provide. As leaders, we must ensure that everyone on the team feels that they are a contribution and give them support so that the spark that is someone’s gift to our organization can be turned into a fire that burns bright and provides light to others who may need it.

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  1. Debbie perrott says:

    Well said, Brad. Yea for Jack and his obviously great team