The same, yet different

There are many instances where my Monday lunch plans are the same.  Along with the CEO and CFO of my organization, I go to a local bbq place here in Bloomington.  It’s always possible to get good food, huge portions (which may or may not be a good thing!) and to get it quickly.  I’m there enough that I no longer have to give my name when I order as they already know it. 

Today, being a Monday, went that direction.  I drove with the same group to the same restaurant and got ready to order.  However, instead of ordering my usual (their seemingly constant daily special of pulled pork with 1 side and a drink) I deviated and ordered something else.  This threw off the order taker, but after a quick revision of the order I was taken care in the usual great manner.

The new meal, a HUGE tenderloin that exceeded the size of the bun by about 3x along with macaroni and cheese and water was just as tasty as my “usual” meal and set off a great afternoon.  Without realizing it, I had gotten into a rut of having and doing the same things and the one break in routine allowed me to continue the trend and get so much accomplished in the hours that followed.

How often do we simply go through life doing the same things again and again and again without giving the moment a thought.  There is something to be said for our autopilot ways in terms of efficiency, but how effective and real are we able to be when we allow the sameness to be what defines us in our daily activities?  It is often the unique and unexpected that lead to breakthrough moments.  One can perform the same job, but by bringing a different approach or even a minor variation, the outcome can become not just what is expected, but something amazing. 

It’s easy to start.  Can you take a slightly different way to work in the morning?  Does your breakfast ever deviate? Even a change to the pork tenderloin from the pulled pork can provide enough of a boost to make a difference in your own approach so that you can make a difference to someone else.

Go ahead, stay the same wonderful person you are; just do it a little different!

George Costanza Does the Opposite

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