We all need a good laugh

Even at work I am a proponent of having a good laugh. A good and appropriate sense of humor is something important to have when working with people.  One of my standard interview questions is:

“Tell me about something funny that happened while at work.”

I’m continually amazed at the number of people who cannot provide even one example of something funny. That worries me and I certainly want to have people who have the ability to step back and laugh at themselves or at a situation that they find themselves in because that will be much more effective than tipping toward the other end of the spectrum and getting either upset or angry at every little thing. Save the anger and upset for really important things and bring some good humor to those around you.

Even TR was known to laugh while at work!

Now the answer to the funny at work question can also provide insight into the mindset of the person being interviewed. Was the funny moment picked as funny because something unfortunate was happening to others? One answer a candidate provided focused on how funny he thought it was when a co-worker at a local restaurant purposefully gave a customer food that had been dropper on the floor. That answer told me some valuable information that I needed to know about how that person may interact with others. A better answer won’t demean others or show people getting a laugh at the expense of others. My own funny moment (among many!) involves confusion between James Taylor and James Brown.

As your day goes along today, find a moment to step back and laugh. It is said laughter is good for the soul. I am one who believes that it also does good for one’s work.

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