Yes, we are all “different”

Over the last few weeks, I have been in several discussions about changes and the dissection of things that may or may not work. Each of these chats has included at one point or another a qualifier that we are different and that a particular change or process will not work because of this difference.

Yes, we are all “different” and that matters.

However, being different doesn’t mean being immune to change or needing to be adverse to trying things in a new or novel way. Different is not an excuse.

Be different. If something doesn’t work, try something different again!

While fighting the “different” bug, it’s often tempting to cite a best practice or exactly copy what another organization is doing.

Here’s the thing; we are different so some adaptation or change is likely to be needed to another’s best practice or procedure. It’s worth a shot and being open to different may lead to something else. That something is being better! This is always something to strive for. Better than we are now, better than others, better than yesterday.

Different is better. And better is different!

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