Everyday or Extraordinary?

Is it possible that the things we experience as everyday occurrences are actually extraordinary?

Summer evenings in my home had many of the same things that anyone would experience. Kids chasing fireflies, the music of ice cream trucks, and lots of kids playing around the neighborhood. One thing that many places didn’t have, nightly fireworks displays!

I lived near Kings Island (just north of Cincinnati) and part of the park’s allure was the fireworks display that took place each night at closing time. When the booms started, I knew it was 10:00 (or 11:00 on Saturdays) and would, from time to time, get to see the colorful display.

Once I started working at the park, the fireworks meant the end of a workday. So much so that over time I did not even notice the masses of people watching in fascination the nightly display. There were times I even cursed the fireworks if the wind was blowing just right and brought the exploded shells to my ride. That meant some additional cleaning!

Fast forward a few years and my girlfriend (now my wife!) and I went to her grandparent’s house and she was very excited about the fireworks display on the banks of the Wabash River in Vincennes, Indiana. Dusk came and we made our way down to the park and waited for the display. She always talked about this event as a highlight from her childhood and was excited to share it with me.  When the show started, I was underwhelmed. Why?

Well, to me fireworks were an everyday event that did not merit much in the way of special attention. For many others, they signify a special event or a holiday and really stand out.

There are likely things in all of our worlds that we view as everyday or ordinary. Yet to someone else, it can be an extraordinary thing. That’s important to remember when talking to others. We each have and do things that we think are nothing special. In reality, these things are likely extraordinary to someone else. Don’t discount your own work or experience. Cherish the moments that can make an impact for someone else. Remember to step back and enjoy the fireworks!



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