Are you just visiting?

So often we take life and the events that we label “ours” for granted. There are moments each day that should be seized and cherished yet we get caught in the busyness that erupts and do not grasp the gifts we have and, more importantly, the gifts we have to offer to others.

Like many, I too fall victim to “needing” the next big thing or fanciest device rather than being appreciative of an experience or what is already in my possession. I fully admit that I am guilty of this, yet there are still times when I am able to make a conscious effort to be fully present and emphasize the importance of the experience. Thankfully, there are times when I can sit back and reflect on what is important and realign myself to be who I truly am and not simply what either society or my organization wishes me to be.

Being a copy of someone else isn’t allowing you to share your own gifts or your own values. Please don’t be a mere visitor to your life. Live well and be comfortable having a sense of uncertainly and an appreciation for the wonder in your world. It is truly magnificent!

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