Culture, leadership, and potential

When leading others, it is important to remember that people are greatly influenced by the context within which they live and/or work.  Stepping forward to lead requires us to positively influence the culture of the organization so that it enables human potential to be actualized toward developing true capability for improvement, creativity and innovation.  Creation of this environment is the pinnacle achievement of a good leader

In many ways, the positive influence of a leader is at the heart of seeing an organization’s employees do their best to meet the shared goals of the organization.  Remember, the simple act of “telling it straight” is one important element.  It is doing this consistently that leads to the continuous building of this social capital that enables people to trust that the right decisions are being made and that they, as employees, are trusted to do the things needed to be creative and innovate in their workplace.

We have seen examples of toxic environments that are improved by changing the person at the top.  If you are a leader in your organization, are you making a positive impact or are you placing yourself in the unenviable position of being the one replaced?


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