Three years and it’s done

After a three year journey taking 10 weeks at a time, I have completed my MBA! 

I remember when I decided to seriously consider whether I should take the plunge there was still hesitation on whether I should do it or not.  So I forced my own hand and put the decision (partially) in the hands of others.

The push came from my decision to apply for a scholarship from the SHRM Foundation.  Although the scholarship was certainly not a large amount of money in the grand scheme of things it, to me, was the decision point over which I did not have the entirety of control.  If I got the scholarship, then I would start; if not, then perhaps the Master’s degree was not the way to go.  After all, everything happens for a reason!

Well, thanks to kind and generous recommendations from co-workers and fellow SHRM volunteers (and perhaps a little bit to my own testimonial) I did receive the scholarship which was then applied to my first class.  Three years and 14 classes later, it’s complete.

The process was a great one not because of the end result, but because of the new ideas discussed with classmates, the systematic way in which some of my business and leadership assumptions were challenged, and the exposure to methods and exercises that will benefit me for years to come.  As I recently told my wife, it’s not the degree or even the actual course work that is proving most valuable.  It’s the boundaries that have fallen in my own mind as I approach new situations and work with others to meet their HR and leadership challenges.

I’ve (almost) always been a very positive person in my approach to the world.  I still consider myself that way, but now enhanced with a healthy dose of knowing that learning always continues. Even though one part of the journey may be done, there can be no stopping as we must recognize the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the world.  This journey forward is successful by having factors like vision, understanding, clarity, and agility in your arsenal.  I’m thankful and fortunate to have great friends, colleagues, and mentors from whom I can continuously learn!

St. Joseph’s College of Maine – My newest alma mater (joining Indiana University)

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