Hiatus over

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. As mentioned in my last post, there are many changes afoot in our household and as life continues to hurtle forward, I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in things that have not been the most constructive. Really, there’s been no good reason and I simply need to acknowledge this and move on in the positive manner to which I am accustomed to living and intend to do so!

Let’s go!

I am typing this as I return from a glorious weekend in Maine. Well, glorious with the exception of the weather!! During this trip, I received the piece of paper that signifies that I’ve completed my MBA during graduation ceremonies at St Joseph’s College of Maine. It was fun to come East and celebrate the last 3 years of work. It was especially gratifying to meet in person some of my classmates that had been in some of the 14 classes that composed the programs. Putting faces with the names I’ve seen in my on-line classrooms was great and comparing our experiences with on-line learning reassured me that the decision to pursue my MBA through this program was the right one.

The ceremony also served as a reminder that there are accomplishments big and small to be celebrated. Some of the graduates yesterday were the first to go to college in their family. Others were receiving a third Master’s degree. All were there to celebrate and embrace learning. Every experience we have can lead to learning something new. Even the smallest piece of knowledge can impact you in ways that are not necessarily known in the moment. Go ahead, think back over your day and give some thought to some small nugget of information you hadn’t known or thought about before. Perhaps it will serve you well in the days ahead!

Well, as I get back in the flow of things here on RollerCoasterHR I hope to post more frequently. In the posts ahead you can look forward to subjects as diverse as real estate, the joys of little ones in flight, and the difficulty in saying goodbye!

A view at my newest alma mater!

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