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As snow softly falls this evening here in southwest Michigan, I find myself looking forward to 2020 and the possibilities that still await us upon the dawn of the new year. While I am not one for making resolutions, I … Continue reading

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The lessons from first jobs

All of us had a first job at some point. The question I ask now that some of our careers have gone 10, 20, even 30 years on; what lessons from our first jobs are we carrying with us today? … Continue reading

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1st days

Here in Michigan, Labor Day truly signals the end of summer as school starts on the Tuesday after for the vast majority of students in the state. It’s fun watching my children prepare for the year ahead in very different … Continue reading

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Reflections – The question for Week 3

This week’s reflection question again looks to the past to establish a link to the present. What class (in high school, college, or grad school) influences you now in a way that you did not anticipate at the time you … Continue reading

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Everyone’s favorite topic – performance evaluations!

It is often asked who dislikes evaluations more, the employees receiving them or the managers that have to give them? Well, in some cases, it doesn’t matter because the entire process is flawed from beginning to end. This is especially … Continue reading

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Get Better, not Bitter

One of the best aspects of presenting to groups is getting questions. This is especially true when the audience is mostly composed of students who are not afraid to inquire deeper on a point made during the presentation. One recent … Continue reading

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Being present

Sometimes, the mere act of being present can make a world of difference in our workplace.  This is especially true when it is unexpected, unscheduled, and done for positive reasons. In my short tenure in my new position, it has … Continue reading

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Education attainment as a workforce issue

In my role as the HR Director for a school system, I now have the chance to see firsthand the efforts needed to link education with the skills needed by employers after a student’s graduation.  Given the growing reliance on … Continue reading

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During my days as a ride operator at Kings Island, we had our little codes that referred to the things that our guests did or did not do.  One of them, RIF, still remains as one of my favorites.  RIF … Continue reading

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The risks in progress

Progress always involves risks.  You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. -        Frederick B. Wilcox Life has a funny way of presenting opportunities.  Without taking a risk, so many instances of progress would not occur.  Even … Continue reading

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