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The lessons from first jobs

All of us had a first job at some point. The question I ask now that some of our careers have gone 10, 20, even 30 years on; what lessons from our first jobs are we carrying with us today? … Continue reading

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1st days

Here in Michigan, Labor Day truly signals the end of summer as school starts on the Tuesday after for the vast majority of students in the state. It’s fun watching my children prepare for the year ahead in very different … Continue reading

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It’s a classic

When this question was originally posted, I figured it would be an easy one for me to answer. However, as forced reflection is apt to make us do, I found myself considering and reconsidering the answer. Music is an essential … Continue reading

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A new series with new questions

Over the next few months on RollerCoasterHR, I am going to write a series based on questions that others may want to explore as well. For me, they will serve to help me further define my personal brand and magnify … Continue reading

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A why is needed to THRIVE

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The theme of the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference is THRIVE. If you’re here and didn’t notice the ten foot tall letters on the stage, then please exit stage left and re-enter the room! Hank Jackson, the CEO of SHRM, echoed … Continue reading

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It’s #TimSackettDay – Here’s to Victorio Milian

Victorio Milian – In honor of #TimSackettDay 2015 As the HR social media community gathers again on-line to honor one of our own, the well-deserving recipient is NYC’s own Victorio Milian. I’ve had the honor of meeting and learning from … Continue reading

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Reporting back

I am fortunate to be able to attend more than my fair share of HR conferences. With more great conferences coming up, I find myself thinking about some conversations with attendees at the last couple of conferences I’ve attended. As … Continue reading

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The Dilution of HR Certification

The continuing saga of dueling HR certifications continues into its second week and the statements continue to come from both sides of the divide. Within the past two days, there have been statements from the SHRM Board Chair (via the … Continue reading

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2 ways to define “competency”

com·pe·tence ˈkämpətəns/ noun noun: competency the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. The recent announcement by SHRM that they are launching their own “competency based” certification has many in the HR world feeling uncomfortable. While discomfort comes to some with … Continue reading

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Why does change mean losing something?

I asked the question above to one of my coworkers when they were bemoaning the constant change that has been happening and how so much has been lost.  This question stunned them immediately and the retreat began on how changes … Continue reading

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