Trust in 2013

As we get ready to celebrate the arrival of 2013, thoughts turn toward resolutions and planning for the New Year.  As you examine your own thoughts and feelings, I urge you to consider one word as something to embrace – TRUST

The concept of trust is often a difficult one to embrace when running a business.  There is a tendency to set in place rules and regulations to compensate for every possible contingency that may happen and in doing so we place a box so tight around people that asking someone to “think outside the box” really means “just think for yourself instead of allowing the organization to do it for you.”  It’s difficult to let go because “someone may mess something up.”  I hate to tell you this, but you’re right and it’s going to happen anyway!

Start building the trust

So, trust your people to embrace the goals of the organization and provide incentive for them to get there.  Can the energy of the people in your organization be best used when it is directed by others or can we rely on our people to direct themselves to achieve the best results?  Although it will not work every time and there will be instances of failure, the ability of people to do the right thing is not simply about doing things in only one right way.  Opportunity for diversity of thoughts and actions will bring unexpected results that can exceed expectations.

Trust those around you to do good work.  If you can’t do so, then the questions you should ask are why are they there in the first place and what does it say about me that I can’t trust them to do what needs to be done?  Go ahead, do something amazing in 2013 and start trusting others – who knows, maybe they will start trusting you too!

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