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So…Can I Bring My Bong to Work Now?

The post below was originally written for the internal blog of my employer. The advice and guidance provided is meant to be specific to Michigan and to the organization. However, many employers have similar policies and can adopt similar positions … Continue reading

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Reflections – The question for Week 3

This week’s reflection question again looks to the past to establish a link to the present. What class (in high school, college, or grad school) influences you now in a way that you did not anticipate at the time you … Continue reading

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It’s #TimSackettDay – Here’s to Victorio Milian

Victorio Milian – In honor of #TimSackettDay 2015 As the HR social media community gathers again on-line to honor one of our own, the well-deserving recipient is NYC’s own Victorio Milian. I’ve had the honor of meeting and learning from … Continue reading

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Play is good. 4 tips to do more of it!

The concept of play is very important to us.  As adults, it is easy to lose perspective on the good things that play can do.  Play not only brings joy, but it can lead to better ways to solve problems, … Continue reading

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A punch of irrelevance

Seeing the destruction in Oklahoma after the devastating tornado brings much to perspective.  While I’ve been preoccupied with selling a house, finishing my job at Stone Belt, and shuttling the kids from one activity to another, it suddenly all seems … Continue reading

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Three essential elements of corporate storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful business tool.  I was reminded of this during my visit last week to the January meeting of the Ohio State Council of SHRM.  Although I was there as an invited guest speaker, I certainly feel like … Continue reading

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Clean house! – Clean office! – Clean mind?

The holiday period was a productive time for me.  In the days right before Christmas, I cleaned my office and pitched so many old things that some of it pre-dated my arrival at Stone Belt by about a decade – … Continue reading

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Trust in 2013

As we get ready to celebrate the arrival of 2013, thoughts turn toward resolutions and planning for the New Year.  As you examine your own thoughts and feelings, I urge you to consider one word as something to embrace – … Continue reading

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Good will in bad times

When you employ people, it is inevitable that something bad is going to happen to one or many during the course of their employment. When these things happen, it is the HR department who often (if not always!) handles FMLA, … Continue reading

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