The lessons from first jobs

All of us had a first job at some point. The question I ask now that some of our careers have gone 10, 20, even 30 years on; what lessons from our first jobs are we carrying with us today?

For me, the title of this blog is a continuous reminder of my first job. However, the lessons go much deeper.

As a 16 year old ride operator at Kings Island, I learned first-hand the importance of treating people with respect, even when they were not reciprocating. Whether it was working with the little kid rides or the biggest coasters, the emphasis on guest service was the same. Safety was 1st, always. Following that essential commitment, providing good guest service was the highest pillar we needed to achieve.

Those lessons continue to serve me well.

It was with some bemusement this summer when I had a chance to watch my son experience his first job. Asked recently what he learned, he replied that he learned he did not want to perform manual labor for the rest of his life!

For some others, the lessons included:

“I learned that people are not always upfront and honest”

“Having the right tools makes things easier”

“Corn leaves can be sharp”

As you continue through your work, take a moment to think back on your first job and reflect how a lesson learned continues to help or influence you today.

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