Reflections – The question for Week 3

This week’s reflection question again looks to the past to establish a link to the present.

What class (in high school, college, or grad school) influences you now in a way that you did not anticipate at the time you originally took the class?

I know I need to think on this one for a bit. I hope you do as well!

My answer comes in my next post! Feel free to chime in.

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2 Responses to Reflections – The question for Week 3

  1. Liz says:

    Actually, this one is easy… my graduate school employment law classes. The anecdotes and role plays from actual cases led to fascinating revelations and a reality check equal to a big smack in the head. It was the beginning of life-long learning around not just compliance and documentation, but more so foresight, objectivity and parody.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for sharing. The use of actual cases does make a huge difference as reality is often less believable than fiction. For those of us who live it day-to-day, seeing those experiences come to life are very impactful!