A new series with new questions

Over the next few months on RollerCoasterHR, I am going to write a series based on questions that others may want to explore as well. For me, they will serve to help me further define my personal brand and magnify the strengths that we each bring to our personal and professional lives. Not to worry, these questions are neither difficult nor tricky.

My intent is not to answer any of life’s big questions (like who will win a battle between Batman and Superman) but to trigger some exploration and reflection. My plan is to post the question for all to see on Monday and provide my own response to it the following day. Even if this doesn’t trigger public discussion or disclosure, I hope that anyone reading this will think to themselves about how they might answer the question.

Look for the series to begin next week. Until then, stay warm and safe my friends!

It’s time to do some thinking and reflecting.

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